Hello, I am Marilyn Hogan, a Medical Intuitive Medium. I was born with this gift which began with animals when I was just 5 years old.  I lived on a farm where we raised cattle, pigs, and chickens and had a huge garden. I grew up watching and caring for our farm animals. I could feel it when they were ready to calve or have piglets. I built a great friendship with the animals. At 14 – 15 years old, the local vet would take me with him to other farms to help him. He would ask what I felt or saw. He taught me how to work out ways to deliver backward calves and how to save animals from flu and other diseases. He taught me how to use what I see by understanding anatomy and science. It was the greatest experience I ever received.

For the human side it develops, what I see has changed over the years but I’ve made it my mission to learn and understand the human body. I was a really sick child from 1 – 8. I was born to a mother who had lived through TB twice so she was not healthy.  I was only 5 pounds when born but was a fighter. They finally realized I was allergic to cigarette smoke. I could not handle sugar which worked well for me at Christmas and Halloween. They would give me money instead.  I grew up always asking the doctors why I wanted to know the science behind everything. But nowadays it’s all about prescriptions instead of natural ways like they used to be. It’s more important now than ever to work at your health in every possible way.

Working with people has changed in my life because of what I saw and learned to understand through science and anatomy with the help of others.  I’m only human and don’t have a medical degree but I do have the natural ability to see what is in your body or what’s going on like an ultrasound.

I see where trauma began so that we know where to start and with that trying to help you find a state of being that helps you to enjoy life again.

Our health is far more valuable than the world speaks of.  We know if you heal your heart and mind and eat healthy the body can regenerate itself.

So things like anxiety, stress, and being tired all the time can be dealt with. When you are willing and wanting change, being healthy happens to be the only way to get back into balance.

You are the only one who holds the key to your life. I will do my best to guide you so that you can begin to walk on the frequency of life you so choose.  Life is made up of many different frequencies but the highest frequency of all is love.